Can you travel to Canada with CBD?

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There once was a time, before Covid-19, when Northern New York and Vermont folks would travel to Montreal to soak in the big city vibe. Canada one day will open back up to us, and leisure travel will resume. One question people ask: can I bring my CBD with me on my trip to Montreal.

I would advise against it. CBD and THC products are legal in Quebec, but crossing the border could be dicey. I speak from personal experience. Border Agents ask if you are bringing any cannabis or cannabinoids across. Even though the cannabinoids are legal, it is not legal to carry them across the border.

You risk having your products confiscated (or worse). It is not worth the risk of ruining your trip over a few gummies or a bottle of tincture.

The good news is that you can just go ahead and buy your supplies in Montreal at one of their cannabis dispensaries, or other specialty shops. So, although you won’t have cbdVOS organic quality, you still can have your medication.

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