CBD and Epilepsy – What to Know

CBD and epilepsy

If we go back a decade, cannabis, hemp and CBD were considered “controlled substances” with no known medicinal value. How far we have come. Now CBD is FDA approved to treat epilepsy, other important effects of CBD have been discovered, and cannabis is legal in so many states I’ve lost count.

It all started with Charlotte’s Web. This strain of cannabis is high in CBD. It produced remarkable effects in juvenile epileptics, virtually eliminating the uncontrollable seizures these unfortunate young folks endured.

This opened up the door for a change of public perception of cannabis, with increasing support of its use as the years went on. 

Then Big Pharma saw its opportunity, and we ended up with the prescription medicine Epidiolex, which is simply plant derived CBD isolate. This is the FDA approved antiepileptic. Simply pure CBD.

Now that the FDA has gotten involved, they feel they have the right to regulate all the uses of CBD. This is government overreach at its worst. CBD, after all, is just a plant product, like sugar or starch. They claim a mandate over its use “since it has been shown to have medicinal properties.” If it’s a medicine, well the FDA wants to regulate it.

Never mind the unregulated dietary supplements which promote all sorts of false claims, from erectile disfunction to weight gain to insomnia. If a CBD producer were to claim that CBD is a cure for hangnails, well we’d get a warning letter. The hypocrisy in our government is manifest. 

Thus, the epileptic is presented with a choice: spend upwards of $30,000.00 per year on the approved Epidiolex, or grow your own CBD producing plants for pennies.

The FDA is divorced from reality when it comes to cannabis-based drugs. The institutional (and governmental) hatred of natural remedies, along with the Nixonian war on drugs, blinds them to the possibilities of cheap cures. Unless, of course, it profits big pharma.  

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