CBD Isolate – What is it?

CBD Isolate

There are so many forms of CBD on the market and we have been exploring the differences for you, the consumer, to make an informed choice. Let’s discuss CBD isolate.

CBD isolate is simply pure crystalline CBD. Good quality isolate should be 99.9% CBD. Anything less, in terms of purity, indicates the “isolate” was not made properly.

CBD is a beautifully crystalline substance at room temperature. All of our extracts (since they are so pure) form large crystals upon standing for several weeks. Theoretically, we could filter these crystals and have super-pure isolate. But we are not after isolate, as explained below.

How its Made

The main players in the isolate arena produce their products in a couple of ways. One way is to do some type of extraction, followed by distillation. Then, the producers recrystallize the distillate using proprietary methods to produce the white, powdery isolate. Another way to make isolate (and I would assume the main way), is to extract CBD containing hemp with hydrocarbons, since the solubility profile of CBD in hydrocarbons is highly depended on temperature. The extraction uses a relatively warm hydrocarbon (like hexane), then the extract is cooled, giving powdery crystalline CBD which is filtered from the left-over extract solution. The yields from either method are low, however, the price of isolate determines the whole price structure of the CBD market. So isolate makers determine price of other types of CBD.

As far as the practical uses of CBD isolate, the FDA is on it. The FDA will do anything to protect the isolate produced by GW Pharma, which it approved for epilepsy. The FDA will go to great lengths to allow GW Pharma to have a monopoly with CBD. Thus, the hypocritical stance by the FDA prohibiting claims for CBD products not made by GW. Money talks.

Would I use isolate?


Isolate removes all the good plant side-extracts that make full spectrum CBD so powerful. 

If you have epilepsy, the isolate is for you. You can make up the exact dose that GW sells for hundreds of dollars for pennies. And give a big middle finger to the FDA and GW.

Otherwise, stick to full spectrum products to receive the full benefits of the plant.