CBD NFL – Let the Players Take CBD

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The NFL is my favorite sport to watch. As I have gotten older, watching such a violent sport with numerous injuries to players is getting harder. Many players look for natural remedies to help with these injuries. CBD in the NFL has become more popular to treat these ailments. You have seen in the past NFL players promoting CBD brands. Rob Gronkowski is one of the biggest supporters of CBD. He has said, “CBD products have changed his life.”

The NFL has recently released that they are interested in discovering using marijuana or CBD as an alternative treatment. This news is excellent as the NFL has been very strict about cannabis/CBD use in the past. The NFL typically gives players opioids to deal with the pain. Opioid use in the NFL is scary, with many players being addicted and affected for the rest of their lives. A player risking their health to play a sport should take CBD to try and alleviate the pain they suffer.

CBD NFL White Papers

The NFL released white papers with guidance on CBD for players. It states, “CBD is a promising compound, but the level of its use in the United States outpaces the level of research at this point,” the committee wrote in a white paper for players. “Most of the hype about CBD is based upon results from animal studies.” Vermont Organic Science has pleaded since the start of our operation that CBD needs more studies done. It is deplorable that the United States government will not allow these studies. With many people finding great success with CBD products, one would assume the government would be all in on studies and finding more information.
CBD in the NFL would be a huge step to help get more studies and more information for consumers. Other sports like the UFC and the NBA have allowed cannabis/CBD use. The more information and analyses on CBD, the better!

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