CBD Oil For Pets

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CBD Oil For Pets

CBD products are becoming very popular for Pets. Many people take care of and treat their pets better than they treat themselves! CBD oil has been shown to have helped many different pets. They have even tried giving CBD oil as therapy to two elephants in a zoo in Poland after their friend passed away (RIP Erna). You can find many different testimonials on how CBD oil has helped people’s pets online. Unfortunately, there is not much research out there, but there are a few studies on how CBD oil has helped dogs and cats. Here is a study that showed that there was no harm done to healthy dogs and cats that took CBD Oil.

There are many different kinds of CBD products out there, ranging from CBD oil, CBD topicals, CBD treats, etc. What to look out for is if a product is listed as full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, or isolate CBD. Full spectrum CBD is products that contain majority CBD but other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, THC < 0.3%, and many other minor cannabinoids. Broad Spectrum CBD is like full spectrum CBD but does not contain any THC. Make sure to check the Certificates of Analysis on Broad spectrum CBD products to ensure that it does not contain THC. There have been many issues of mislabeling things in the CBD industry. Isolate CBD products contain only CBD and no other cannabinoids.

Vermont Organic Science believes in the full spectrum of cannabinoids. The synergy of all cannabinoids compared to isolated cannabinoids is much different. VOS Pet formulation CBD oil includes 50mg of CBD per dose, as well as other cannabinoids, include CBG, CBC, and THC <0.3%. This CBD oil provides the full spectrum entourage effect that humans strive for pets! Our CBD products are also one of the few USDA certified organic CBD products available for pets. It is important to only look for certified organic CBD for your beloved pets. Otherwise, the product can be contaminated with nasty pesticides and other toxins. You can search if a product is certified organic on the USDA organic integrity database.

Shop USDA certified organic CBD for pets.