CBD Organic Creations – Why Organic Matters

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There are many different CBD products available from all over the country. Very few CBD products are USDA certified organic. Making organic creations with CBD is not the easiest solution for producers. Customers need to focus on why organic CBD products are essential to seek.

Can CBD products be organic?

Yes! With the passage of the 2018 farm bill, hemp and CBD products became legal by the federal government. The USDA now allows CBD products to go through the organic certification process. Vermont Organic Science went through that process, and our lab and CBD products are certified. You can find our listing on the USDA organic integrity database. Many companies claim “organically grown” or “organic” but are not on the integrity database. If you do not see a company listed on the USDA integrity database, they are not organic; they just claim to be. Ask the brand you use for their organic certificate. We will happily provide ours.

Vermont Organic Science is USDA Certified Organic

Our company was certified through NOFA-VT. The hemp that we extract to make CBD oil and other CBD products were grown at a certified organic farm in Monkton, VT. All of our products have to be approved by NOFA before putting the organic seal on our labels. There are strict labeling requirements, and we are only allowed to use approved ingredients. We meet all the requirements and have strict record-keeping for our certified products. It is important to us to have organic certification, and it should be important to other producers and especially to consumers.

Can Organic Creations be Used for CBD?

As mentioned earlier, being USDA certified organic, we are only allowed to use organic ingredients in our product. For instance, in our CBD balm, we have to get the organic certification for the beeswax and cocoa butter we use in our product. Every ingredient that is in our product can be traced and tracked. With that, we are limited on products we can make, which is a good thing! We do not use harsh chemicals like other CBD brands in our topicals and other products. We believe that the fewer ingredients you have in your solution, the better! All of our products are more natural this way. Our CBD products are natural organic creations compared to synthetic and chemical compositions in other CBD products. Take a look at that CBD roll-on or CBD lotion that you are using. Do you even know what some of those ingredients are? It is important to understand what you are ingesting or applying on your skin that gets absorbed. Look for USDA certified organic products, so you don’t have to worry about these things.

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