Does CBD Oil Expire?

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Does CBD Oil Expire

Folks ask us “how long is my CBD good for or does CBD oil expire?” A good question, since one doesn’t want to consume something that has gone bad. We put expiration dates on all our consumable organic products, to insure quality. But what is the data on CBD stability?

CBD Concentrate Stability

Our internal data shows that CBD concentrate is very stable, as long as it is tightly sealed and kept from light. No degradation has been observed during the nearly two years we have been making it. Now take that oil and heat it with some acid, and you have another story. As mentioned in previous blogs, CBD can convert to delta 9 and delta 8 THC when heated in the presence of an acid catalyst. It doesn’t take much acid to catalyze the conversion, but heat is key. The oil is so thick at room temperature that the molecules don’t move very much, decreasing reactivity. Conversely, one can heat the oil to quite high temperatures (without acid present and under an inert atmosphere) without any deleterious effects. This is how CBD distillate is made: heating the oil under vacuum until it boils.

Now CBD is well known as an antioxidant. What exactly is an antioxidant? It is a molecule that will react with oxygen before the oxygen can harm sensitive tissues. That means an antioxidant (like CBD) likes to react with oxygen. Thus, it is important to keep your CBD tightly sealed. 

THC is readily converted to CBN in the presence of air. Heating accelerates this process. (See prior blogs on this subject). However, if CBD is around, the THC is protected from the air, and much less oxidation to CBN occurs. This explains why the miniscule amounts of THC present in full spectrum CBD doesn’t quickly convert to CBN. 

CBD Oil Expiration

CBD oil is a mix of a CBD concentrate and a carrier oil. In Vermont Organic Science organic CBD oil we use certified organic MCT oil as the carrier. Some companies use hemp seed oil or olive oil. While CBD extract is stable the carrier oils are what will expire first. So yes, CBD oil does expire. If your CBD oil does not have an expiration date on the bottle do not take the product.

So whatever stuff you have, THC or CBD, keep the material in a cool dark place in well-sealed containers. Your good for a year. Have any questions on does CBD oil expire? Feel free to send us questions at [email protected] and we will respond to all inquires!

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