Effectiveness of CBD on Depression

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CBD on Depression

Many people have tried CBD on depression. Does it work and are their studies done? A new report from researchers in Vienna ( https://doi.org/10.1007/s40211-020-00334-0 ) shows the effectiveness of CBD in a patient with multiple psychiatric issues. I quote from the article, published last week in Neuropsychiatrie:


In this report, we present a case of a 16,9-year-old patient with multiple substance use disorder (cannabis, MDMA, cocaine, ecstasy), severe depression, social phobia and narcissistic personality disorder. We administered Cannabidiol (CBD) capsules in different dosages (starting dosage 100 mg up to 600 mg over 8 weeks) after unsuccessful treatment with antidepressants. CBD was a safe and well tolerated medication for this patient. Upon treatment with CBD and cessation of the antidepressant medication, the patient improved regarding depressive as well as anxiety symptoms including simple phobias and symptoms of paranoia and dissociation. Furthermore, the patient quit abusing illegal drugs including THC without showing withdrawal symptoms. This is the first report of CBD medication in a patient with multiple substance use disorder with a positive outcome. Until today it is not clear if CBD holds promise as a therapeutic option in substance use disorder as RCTs are lacking, but in this single case the substance seems to work in various domains.

Study Data

The Data continues to dribble in on the effectiveness of CBD for a multitude of psychiatric problems. We can expect more data as the stigma of cannabinoid medical research is removed.

In this patient, CBD not only allowed for the cessation of antidepressant use, it was more effective than the antidepressants. Not only was the depression lifted, but phobias, paranoia and anxiety were relieved. Plus, the patient quit using harmful drugs without withdrawal symptoms.

Impressive stuff.

I can’t wait for more data to be generated and released, hopefully from randomized controlled clinical studies. The hype around CBD seems well justified. Continue the research!

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