How to Give a Dog CBD Oil?

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You are thinking about giving your dog CBD oil and don’t know where to start? There are a couple of options to give your dog the natural wellness they need. 

The simplest way is to take CBD oil as a human would. That is to measure the dosage (you can find what dosage you should give your pet here – link to blog) using our graduated dropper and put the oil in your dog’s mouth. We understand that some dogs may not tolerate this but not to worry, there are other options! 

Another easier way to give your dog CBD oil is to mix it in their food. Like putting it directly in their mouth, first, measure out your dose on the graduated dropper. It would be best to mix it with wet food. 

Another way to give your dog CBD oil is to make CBD treats! Here are a couple of recipes for CBD dog treats. You can find many others on google.

It is essential to use USDA-certified organic CBD oil for whatever consumption method you give to your dogs. USDA-certified organic CBD oil is necessary because it is clear of toxic chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful residues. 

Shop USDA certified organic CBD oil for pets.