How To Measure Organic CBD Oil

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We get a lot of questions on what dose of CBD oil one should take. Or how do I measure the organic CBD oil to get the correct amount? I will explain an easy way with our organic CBD oil to measure.

All of our organic CBD oil products have a child-resistant graduated dropper. We use these, so it is easier for a customer to get an accurate CBD oil dose. All of our organic CBD oil products contain 50mg of CBD per 1ml. We have different size bottles ranging from 10ml-50ml. These other size bottles all are 50mg per 1ml. So a 10ml organic CBD oil bottle will have 10 50mg servings. A 50ml bottle will have 50 servings. But what if you do not want to take 50mg full spectrum CBD? Most of our customers do not use that strong dose! This is why we have a graduated dropper.

How to Measure 1ML = 50mg CBD

You fill the dropper to the markings of 1ML. That would give you 50mg full-spectrum CBD oil. You can see in the below picture a graduated dropper.

How to Measure 0.75ML = 37.5mg CBD

Like measuring to 1ml, you will fill the dropper to the markings of 0.75ml shown below.

How to Measure 0.5ML= 25mg CBD

The starting dose that we tell new CBD users to try. Fill the dropper to 0.5ml to get this starting dose. We believe in making a more potent concentrated CBD oil. If you prefer a small dose, then you only have to take less! You do not need to purchase a new bottle.

How to Measure 0.25ML= 12.5mg CBD

We recommend only going to the markings of 0.25ml on the dropper for someone who wants an even smaller dose.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions! You can buy USDA-certified organic CBD products here.