Nano CBD – What Is It?

nano cbd

Nanotechnology is a very hot top in scientific circles. It has made its way in the CBD market through clever marketing. Let’s discuss what nanotechnology is, how it applies to the cannabinoid field, and the multitude of Nano claims made by CBD/THC purveyors.

Nanotechnology is the study of sub-microscopic phenomenon. “Nano” is designated by the metric system as 10-9 of a standard unit. For our purposes, the unit that matters is the Meter, which measures length, area, and volume. So, one nanometer is equal to 10-9 meters, or about a millionth of an inch. Very small indeed.

Examples of nanotechnology are manifest. The processes that make computer chips are good examples. The silicon is made up with nanocircuits, etched into the structure by masks made at atomic resolution. The drive to faster and better chips has been driven by the need to go small: new chips always have smaller circuits than the previous generation. 

The m-RNA covid vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer are exemplary examples of modern nanotechnology. These vaccines are made from a single strand of messenger RNA encapsulated in a lipid (fat) layer. The breakthrough with these medications was forming nano-particles of mRNA surrounded by several substances: an anionic surfactant to stabilize the mRNA, polyethylene glycol derivatized lipids, cationic surfactants and cholesterol. Beautiful work to produce the nanoparticles that make up the vaccine. 

This is true nanotechnology, with thousands of work-hours in development. 

Nano CBD

Now let’s go to so called nano-CBD. Basically, this is CBD that is “soluble” in water. As anyone who has been reading this blog will know, CBD (or other cannabinoids) are not soluble in water. So, what is this nano-CBD? It is simply CBD and water with additives. The additives act as a co-solvent for the CBD, giving it a place to hang since it doesn’t like water.

You all wash your hands with soap and water. Why do we use soap? Well, it gives grease and dirt a happy place to be, since those guys don’t like water. Same thing with “nano” CBD. Soaps carry the CBD into the water, forming micelles around the hydrophobic cannabinoid. So, it is not “nano-technology” at work here, just soap and water. 

So much hype and misinformation in the cannabinoid space. Come back here for the real scoop.