New Product: Certified Organic Topical Balm

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Vermont Organic Science proudly debuts our Certified Organic CBD Topical Balm!

We at Vermont Organic Science are committed to delivering high potency, high quality products for our consumers. We strongly believe in providing full spectrum Organic certified products that are rich in CBD, CBC and CBG at the maximum strength allowed. Our high strength Organic products are unparalleled in the industry in their potency and organic content. Indeed, try to find another Organic Balm that’s over 4% CBD. Throw in the other cannabinoids and terpenes, and we have a product that over 5% organic hemp extract. 

Our CBD topical balm is also rich in the essential oils of sweet almond, tangerine, frankincense and lavender. Together with the cannabinoids, these oils enhance the skin experience. Organic menthol is also present to provide a nice cooling sensation.

Our high concentration of cannabinoids allows for higher skin concentrations, directly bathing the affected areas with CBD, CBC and CBG. We recommend using a small amount of the Balm and completely massage it on to the affected areas. A little goes a long way. Simply melt a bit of Balm by rubbing the balm surface in the tin with a finger or two, then massage in.

We know you’ll love our new Balm! All of our test subjects reported relief from various ailments. Try a tin and see if it helps you!

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