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USDA Organic

We manufacture USDA Certified Organic CBD, made from Certified Vermont Organic hemp. Why do we go through the extra work and cost to offer Certified Organic CBD? 

It’s the right thing to do.

Our Certified Organic CBD concentrate is made from two ingredients: USDA Certified Vermont Organic hemp and USDA Certified Organic ethanol. The ethanol is made from USDA Certified Organic sugar cane, so our Certified Organic CBD is made from just two USDA Certified Organic plants: hemp and sugar cane. No other chemicals are introduced in our processing.

Compare that to the chemical laden processes used to make CBD “isolate.” Companies either use the greenhouse pollutant carbon dioxide, a byproduct of the chemical industry, or use petroleum products straight from the oil refinery. The “isolate” is made from industrial processes using what is essentially diesel fuel. This isn’t organic, it is not safe for the environment (the spent diesel fuel has to be disposed of in a landfill), and is a dangerous fire hazard (the infamous exploding garages). 

What is even more problematic is that these non-organic solvents extract everything from the hemp plant. This includes pesticides, fertilizers, and other nasty non-organic chemicals. So, the processes using these non-organic solvents can produce heavily contaminated CBD: definitely not safe to consume.

Even worse is the largely ignored fact that hemp is an excellent absorber of anything present in the ground it is grown on. It just sucks the soil clean. In fact, hemp has been used to remediate toxic waste sites: the hemp is grown, absorbing the toxins, then the plants are cut down and hauled to a superfund landfill. Repeat, until the hemp has done its job. Just don’t consume it!

Certified Organic CBD Products

If you buy CBD that is not USDA Certified Organic, you don’t know where the hemp was grown: perhaps in heavily contaminated soil. The extraction processes not only concentrate the cannabinoids, but also concentrate all the bad stuff the plant sucked up as it was growing. So, what was trace amounts of contaminates in the plant material will end up in much larger concentrations after processing.

In contrast, we use certified organic Hemp, grown here in the verdant valleys of Vermont. The farms are inspected yearly, the soil tested, and the products are pristine. There are no pesticides or fertilizers for the plant to accumulate, so we have none in our USDA Certified Organic CBD products.

USDA Certified Organic CBD: the purest hemp extract available. That’s why we are organic processors: We are committed to the quality and safety of our products. Being certified organic is one of the ways to ensure that we produce the highest quality extracts. You can find our organic certification on this database.

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