What is the difference between USDA Certified Organic and “Organic” Products?

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We have seen many brands, CBD and other industries that claim on packaging that they are organic. 99% of the time that is false. Vermont Organic Science is a USDA certified organic lab and CBD brand. We only use the highest quality certified organic ingredients. The hemp we extract is grown down the road from our lab at a beautiful certified organic farm in Vermont called Last Resort Farms. You can find our registration on the USDA organic integrity database here.

There are many steps, paperwork and inspections to be approved to be USDA certified organic. We took the steps to be a certified organic facility and brand with the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont. You can find more information on how to get organic certified here. We simply just don’t claim that we are organic, we follow the regulations. From chemicals that we use in the lab, to strict record keeping, to only using certified organic ingredients, it is an involved process to be certified organic. Not only that but there are strict rules to labeling requirements to have the USDA organic seal on your products. You can find those “organic” products that say they are “grown organically” or “used organic ingredients”, but that really means nothing. Until they go through the strict certification process and maintain that certificate, do not believe anybody claiming to be organic when they are not on the USDA organic integrity base. 

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