What is the real story about CBD gummies

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Many companies are selling CBD gummies. Don’t buy them, unless you like wasting money.


First of all, manufactures generally can’t control the exact dose in each gummy. The typical preparation method is to spray an ethanol solution of CBD over good ole fashioned gummies from the food store. There is no control on the dose: some gummies may have a lot of medication, others may not. Not very scientific. Also, it is very difficult to accurately test a gummy for cannabinoid content. All that sugar and flavoring skew the results.


Secondly, the typical dose in a gummy is about tenfold too low to have any effect. Most gummies contain a putative 5 to 10 mg each. Consider that the therapeutic dose for seizure disorders is 750 to 1500 mg per day. Dosing for more minor conditions is typically in the 25 to 150 mg twice a day. Thus, with a gummy that’s 5 mg, you’d need to eat 10 to 60 gummies per day. That is a lot of sugar…


Third, a pack of gummies can run between $25 and $50 per package. Each package may contain 20-30 gummies. It is a very expensive way to get your medicine. Now, if one trusts the manufactures word on the CBD amount in each gummy, you might get 300 mg of CBD total for something like $50. 


That is a total rip off. If indeed you are using CBD for therapeutic effect, you’d be spending $25 to $50 per day on gummies. 


You are much better off buying a CBD solution from someone you trust (like Vermont Organic Science) which has an independently verified titer. Much more cost effective, plus you are sure you know what you are consuming. Our products are ready for incorporation in any candy recipe. Buy your CBD in bulk from us, then make your own treats!