CBD Golf – Professionals Use It

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CBD Golf

Golf is loved by the folks who work at Vermont Organic Science. Masters weekend is considered a blessed weekend. Professional golfers have come out saying they have used CBD for golf to help with the game’s anxiety and stress. Some companies strictly market CBD golf products. Vermont Organic Science certified organic CBD products are suitable for any sport, including golf!

Why use CBD for Golf?

Take the word from professional golfers who are using CBD to help with their game. Two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson says that CBD changed his life. He uses CBD oil for the common aches and pains that are associated with golf. It also helps him to calm his mind and help him sleep. Golf puts a tremendous amount of stress on your body and mind. When I play the local course in Vermont, I walk over 7 miles and 500 feet of elevation. Carrying a 20 pounds plus bag makes my back and legs sore. I immediately use CBD oil or CBD Balm after to help with these pains. When I play in a competitive golf tournament, I take CBD oil before the round. Pre-round CBD helps clear any “first tee jitters” and clears my mind for the match.

CBD Golf Products

There are many different kinds of CBD products available right now. The most traditional is CBD oil or CBD tincture. To take CBD oil, you measure your dose on our graduated dropper and dispense the oil under your tongue. Hold the oil for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. You can take CBD golf oil before or after the round. A more accessible alternative to CBD oil is CBD gummies. CBD gummies are easy to dose and convenient for on the go.

CBD topicals help post-round when you feel the soreness from the round. CbdVOS organic CBD balm is excellent for the locker room after the round. Apply a small amount to the affected area. Make sure to massage well into the skin. Our organic CBD lip balm is great to use to moisturize your lips during the round.

Look for USDA Certified Organic CBD Products

While there are many different CBD golf products to look for, one should look for USDA-certified organic CBD oil or topicals. Certified organic CBD will guarantee that there are no pesticides or other nasty toxins in the product. For a CBD product to be organic, it has to be grown on a certified organic farm. The product has to be extracted at a certified organic extraction lab and contains only certified organic ingredients. Vermont Organic Science is proud to be a certified organic extraction lab and CBD product maker. The hemp that we extract was grown down the road from our facility at a certified organic farm named Last Resort Farm.

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