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Pet Organic CBD Oil Is The Only Choice

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CBD for pets has exploded in the past year, with many people reporting significant benefits for their pets. That is terrific news as Pets can take a natural remedy compared to costly drugs prescribed by Veterinarians. One should always look if the product they are buying for their beloved pet is a certified organic CBD oil. Why Organic Matters? The USDA-certified organic seal carries a lot of weight these days.… Read More »Pet Organic CBD Oil Is The Only Choice

Vermont CBD Oil Is The Best

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There are many different CBD products from all over this great country. One has to do research and choose what brand of CBD to use. Things to look for is where the hemp was grown? What ingredients are in the product? Is the CBD oil organic? Was the hemp used to extract certified organic? How was the CBD extracted? What dosage is the CBD oil? A consumer should not blindly… Read More »Vermont CBD Oil Is The Best
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Is Delta 8 THC Legal?

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The new hot cannabinoid that many people are seeing is Delta 8 THC. You can hear advertisements for it on popular podcasts or find it on your local vape shop. There has even been an article in the New York Times about it recently. The big question around Delta 8 THC is if it legal or not. What is Delta 8 THC? You can read more about D8 in our… Read More »Is Delta 8 THC Legal?

CBD For Skiing

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Living in Vermont, we have to take advantage of the incredible skiing this state offers. Using CBD for skiing has helped advance our skills and heal our bodies after a long day. CBD Before Skiing A dropper full of organic CBD oil before skiing has helped clear the mind of worries and stress. One does not become intimidated by double black trails that have Volkswagen Beetle bumps going down. The… Read More »CBD For Skiing
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How To Measure Organic CBD Oil

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We get a lot of questions on what dose of CBD oil one should take. Or how do I measure the organic CBD oil to get the correct amount? I will explain an easy way with our organic CBD oil to measure. All of our organic CBD oil products have a child-resistant graduated dropper. We use these, so it is easier for a customer to get an accurate CBD oil… Read More »How To Measure Organic CBD Oil

How To Tell If CBD Oil Is Organic

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We take much pride that our CBD oil is certified organic. We see many CBD products on the market claim that the product is organic. Listed on CBD bottles or products that state “grown organically” or “processed organically,” but is it certified organic? The quick answer is no. Can CBD oil be Certified Organic? The simple answer is yes. CBD oil can be certified organic. Now, does each company go… Read More »How To Tell If CBD Oil Is Organic
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What Does Organic CBD Lip Balm Do?

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We are in the middle of a cold spell that is sweeping across the nation. You may notice that your lips have become dry and cracked. Many people will go to the local store and buy a well-known lip balm brand, but have you ever looked at the ingredients on those lip balms? We produce a USDA-certified organic CBD Lip Balm that only uses natural organic ingredients. CBD is known… Read More »What Does Organic CBD Lip Balm Do?

What is CBD Balm and how do I use it?

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CBD Balm is another way a consumer can take CBD. Many people do not want to take CBD orally via an organic CBD oil bottle or CBD gummies. Topical products like a balm are more comfortable to use for pain relief, arthritis, etc. You can get direct relief on a specific pain point with a CBD balm compared to ingesting CBD. How CBD Balm is made The first step to… Read More »What is CBD Balm and how do I use it?

What is CBG?

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Well folks, it’s time to take a technical dive into the cannabinoids. While this may be somewhat heavy on the chemistry, for those looking for the biochemical background of the hemp/cannabis plant and how it produces all these wonderful molecules, the intellectual rewards will be ample. We will start with the “mother of all cannabinoids,” CBG.   From Wikipedia The biochemical precursors to CBG are hexanoyl CoA, malonyl CoA and geranyldiphosphate.… Read More »What is CBG?

CBD Oil Label – How to Read

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We get many calls and emails asking about our CBD product’s strength, dosage, etc. Many people are confused about reading a CBD Oil bottle label. You need to look out for a couple of things while reviewing a CBD Oil product. I will go over the correct way to understand the CBD label. Total CBD MG in Bottle The total milligrams in a CBD Oil bottle will be the easiest… Read More »CBD Oil Label – How to Read