The Top 5 Grounding Meditation Techniques

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Grounding Meditation

Scattered thoughts, chaotic emotions, and constant worries overtake your mind and steal your calm. Take it back by exploring a therapeutic grounding meditation.

Meditation is a well-known practice to promote overall wellbeing and combat anxiety. With as many as 108 different styles, according to some people, all the choices can seem overwhelming to a beginner.

When panic strikes, the last thing you need to be worried about is decision-making and figuring out what kind of meditation to try. A grounding meditation technique is your best bet for fast relief.

Here are our top picks for grounding meditation techniques that will quickly recenter you, along with some tips on how to make them even better.

Top 5 Grounding Meditation Techniques

1.) Walk Barefoot Through the Grass

Most of us had that one friend growing up that always ran around without any shoes. Maybe you were that friend. While moms everywhere cringe at the thought, the barefoot kids have the right idea.

Letting your feet meet the grass without the barrier of footwear is incredibly healing. You begin to feel “out-of-whack” when your body becomes overcharged by your daily activities. That built-up positive energy is neutralized when your feet make direct contact with the earth, absorbing its negative charge.

This is a wonderful exercise any time, but doing it first thing in the morning is rejuvenating and grounds you before taking on your day.

2.) Sand in Your Toes

While walking barefoot through the grass will feel amazing, you’re in luck if you’re near a beach. 

Not only can you enjoy the relaxing benefits of taking a stroll through the sand, but you can also get your hands involved in the therapy as well. Imagine the calming effects of letting the sand run through your fingers.

Want to add a bit of fun and creativity to this grounding meditation? Build a sandcastle. You’ll be having fun as all your stress melts away.

No beach nearby? A sandbox is an excellent substitute. In fact, sand has proven to be so calming that Zen garden sandboxes are made to fit right on your desktop. You won’t be able to climb inside, but these are good in a pinch.

3.) Lie Down and Ground

Whether you end up on the grass or in the sand, lie back and let go. While you’ll love walking barefoot through nature, sometimes there’s no match for allowing your entire body to sink into the earth.

You will probably want to close your eyes and focus on the feelings of lying directly against the grass or sand. But you can also point your gaze towards the sky and focus on the clouds rolling by.

No grounding meditation will be exactly the same. Listen to your intuition as you set yourself up in the way that feels most calming for you.

4.) Ground Yourself with Gardening

What better way to connect to the earth than to dig right in?

As your hands meet the soil and you feel the sunshine on your skin, you’ll begin to feel more centered and connected to your surroundings. Not only does this help you combat tension, but you also get to create something beautiful in the process.

One of the perks of gardening is the opportunity to be consistent. If you decide to keep up with your garden, you’ll participate in grounding regularly and not just when you feel anxious.

5.) Just Add Water

You can get recentered using water to connect to the earth in a similar way to using grass, soil, or sand.

Try walking through the ocean waves or going for a dip in a nearby lake or pond. Submerging promotes a feeling of weightlessness that can soothe an overactive mind. 

Be sure to check out your meditation spot beforehand for safety. It is also vital that you know how to swim if you are going for a dive instead of walking.

No time to get outside, but need to steal a few moments of serenity? Let running water flow over your hands. Focus on your breathing and imagine each drop washing your stress away.

Enhance Your Grounding Meditation

Use a Guided Meditation

You might be able to fully immerse yourself in your grounding meditation with only the birds chirping or waves crashing in the background.

While that’s a great way to go about it, feel free to experiment with guided meditations that you can find in any meditation app or on YouTube. You will find some specifically made for walking that pair perfectly with strolling through the grass or sand.

You will also find meditation teachers who will guide you through a body scan and help you get truly grounded.

You can mix and match guided meditations with unguided ones. Remember, a grounding meditation is not a one-time experience, and you should enjoy the process of trying it in different ways.

Add CBD for Maximum Results

The goal of a grounding meditation is to reduce stress and promote feelings of overall wellbeing. CBD is well known for these benefits, making this meditation style and CBD a match made in Heaven.

If a grounding meditation sounds like a great idea, but your overall discomforts are a concern, CBD will put you on the right path.

Inflammation is a common worry as it can make simple grounding techniques like walking, sitting, and lying down difficult. CBD alleviates discomfort in the body and means you’re less likely to give up on your grounding meditation before it starts.

The perks of consistently taking CBD are unmatched, but not all CBD is created equal. Be sure to get the best results by shopping USDA Certified Organic CBD Oil.

The next time you feel out of sorts, a grounding meditation can quickly recenter and refocus you. To reduce those unpleasant times altogether, practice this type of meditation regularly.

You might be feeling uneasy, but it doesn’t have to stay that way if you choose one of our top five grounding meditation techniques. Remember to make them even more powerful with a guided meditation and implementing USDA Certified Organic CBD Oil

into your routine.