RSO – What is Rick Simpson Oil?

Rick Simpson oil (RSO) was developed by, surprise, Rick Simpson. Rick developed skin cancer in 2004, and having read about the healing powers of topical cannabinoids, decided to make his own topical oil to apply to his skin lesions. The cancer disappeared, and Rick became an advocate for cannabis as medicine. He became mildly famous for this, and his work is immortalized in the name of his oil. RSO can… Read More »RSO – What is Rick Simpson Oil?
HPLC Testing

Cannabis HPLC Testing

Amongst the issues facing the cannabis and hemp industries are inconsistencies with testing. Proper assays of potency are critical to many facets of the field. Accurate flower assays provide information to the consumer on the strength and cannabinoid content of the material they will smoke. Flower assays are also used to determine extraction efficiencies and yields. We use in-house HPLC Testing and will discuss our methods in this post. The… Read More »Cannabis HPLC Testing

Topical cannabinoids for wound healing

Significant new data from the Journal of Experimental Dermatology provides convincing evidence that topical cannabinoids can almost miraculously cure severe leg ulcers. Here is the abstract (published May 19, 2021), with my commentary afterword: Venous Leg Ulcers are highly prevalent lower limb integumentary wounds that remain challenging to heal despite the use of evidence-based compression therapies. A multitude of adjuvant treatments have been studied but none have demonstrated enough efficacy… Read More »Topical cannabinoids for wound healing
full spectrum

Full spectrum: what does it mean?

The term “Full Spectrum CBD” is mentioned a lot. What does it mean, how’s it made, and how is it different from CBD isolate? Well, isolate, as I’ve talked about previously, is simply pure CBD. GW pharma sells their isolate as Epidiolex (with the blessing of the FDA) for tens of thousand dollars a year. This is a travesty, since a year’s supply of isolate on the open market is… Read More »Full spectrum: what does it mean?


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Adults have it tough as the modern world is fast-paced, tiring, and often wearying. The current lockdown measures have only made the problem worse. The coronavirus has brought the countries to a halt. From China to the United States of America, every country took the blunt. For some, it meant a time to recharge, but for most, it only made the problems worse. Many studies have proven the same. The… Read More »7 REASONS WHY ARE CBD HEMP CAPSULES TRENDING IN THE USA
Grounding Meditation

The Top 5 Grounding Meditation Techniques

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Scattered thoughts, chaotic emotions, and constant worries overtake your mind and steal your calm. Take it back by exploring a therapeutic grounding meditation. Meditation is a well-known practice to promote overall wellbeing and combat anxiety. With as many as 108 different styles, according to some people, all the choices can seem overwhelming to a beginner. When panic strikes, the last thing you need to be worried about is decision-making and… Read More »The Top 5 Grounding Meditation Techniques
CBD Chocolate

CBD Chocolate Recipe

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Many of our customers ask for other ways to consume CBD than putting our USDA-certified organic CBD oil under the tongue. Here is a step to step guide on how to make CBD chocolate. A process with few ingredients and is easier than you would think! This is for a milk chocolate CBD bar. I will go over varieties of different CBD chocolate recipes in the future! This homemade chocolate… Read More »CBD Chocolate Recipe
CBD Cream 1000mg

CBD Cream 1000mg – What are the Benefits?

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CBD topicals are getting more popular. People are looking for alternatives to traditional CBD oil consumed under the tongue. Topicals can include creams, lotions, salves, balms, rubs, massage oils, and a host of other related products. While we do not make CBD cream 1000mg, we make a CBD balm with that concentration. It is the highest concentrated USDA-certified organic CBD topical available! CBD Topical Benefits CBD topicals have gained in… Read More »CBD Cream 1000mg – What are the Benefits?
PCR Hemp Oil

PCR Hemp Oil – What is it?

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CBD has exploded in popularity over the past few years. There are many different brands and categories of CBD products. Terms like Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Isolate can confuse people. Then, products not even labeled as CBD but such as PCR hemp oil, hemp extract oil, hemp oil, etc. This blog post will go over what PCR hemp oil is and what it stands for. You can find previous blog… Read More »PCR Hemp Oil – What is it?
Cannabis Extraction

Cannabis Extraction Methods

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While there are various cannabis extraction methods to choose from, there are advantages and disadvantages to each method. Chemically speaking, removing the cannabinoids from cannabis is a simple task. The active ingredients (cannabinoids and terpenes) are present on the outside of the flower and nearby leaves (trim) in the well-known trichome glands. In order to harvest the oils contained in the trichomes, the cell membranes of the glands must be… Read More »Cannabis Extraction Methods