How To Tell If CBD Oil Is Organic

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We take much pride that our CBD oil is certified organic. We see many CBD products on the market claim that the product is organic. Listed on CBD bottles or products that state “grown organically” or “processed organically,” but is it certified organic? The quick answer is no.

Can CBD oil be Certified Organic?

The simple answer is yes. CBD oil can be certified organic. Now, does each company go through the steps to be certified organic? 95% do not. With the 2018 farm bill passage, the USDA now allows CBD brands and companies to become certified organic. To become certified organic, a company has to go through a multi-step process. This process includes an application, inspection, record-keeping, and fees. A hemp farmer can have their hemp certified organic. An extraction lab like ourselves can have the lab be certified organic. A finished product maker can also have CBD products that are certified organic. Trust companies that go through these steps to have the USDA organic seal on their product, not ones that have a generic “grown organically” seal.

How to tell if a product is certified organic

The easiest way to tell if a product is certified Organic is if it has the USDA organic seal. As I said earlier, there is a multi-step process to be able to use that seal. The USDA organic integrity database lists all companies that are USDA certified organic. You can search by location or business name. If you search for a product and it is not on the USDA organic integrity database, then you have your answer if the product is organic or not.

Why it is essential only to buy certified organic CBD oil

In past blogs, I’ve mentioned how the hemp plant is an excellent absorbent of heavy metals, pesticides, and other nasty things. There is a reason why they used hemp plants to clean up the disaster in Chernobyl. Do you want heavy metals, toxins, or pesticides in your CBD oil, gummies, or topicals? You most defiantly do not. Now you see why it is important only to buy certified organic CBD products. The record-keeping and inspection prove that certified organic operations meet the USDA standards to be considered organic. There will not be those nasty toxins in certified organic CBD products.

Shop USDA-certified organic CBD products.